Free of Charge

Use MetaSetup Lifetime for Free. No charges, no strings attached. Includes Lifetime updates and Maintenance from professional team. Optionally add premium features to your projects.


Premium Support

A product without support is useless for professionals. You will receive life-time premium support from our team. Create a Ticket or Chat with us to get fastest available seat for support.


Cloud based downloader with size under 1MB makes download & deployment very convenient for you and your clients. Send them cloud installer and they can download your product on-demand. Use cloud installer feature to give fastest download to your clients.



MetaSetup is able to change Theme, Banner, Product Logo, Icons of Installers for free. Adapt MetaSetup Interface for your needs and impress your clients. All this is for free.


Did you ever want to have Google Analystics(r) like report about your installations? Here it comes with MetaSetup for free. Audience Report gives you very detailed report about information such as, Country, Operating System, Language, Failed, Succeed installations and uninstallations. Audience report gives you much more details about your clients. Enjoy it!


Serial Code

MetaSetup supports Serialcodes, generate Serialcodes directly inside your Interface and give them to your clients, they will be authenticated with serial codes. This feature is optional and can be enabled/disabled on-demand. Of course you will be also to see logs from every single serial code with many details. You can track every Serialcode very preciously.


Did you ever want to stop installations remotely? Imagine your product has a bug or copyright issues or have newer version. Once you send Setup to your clients, you lose track! Not with MetaSetup, with MetaSetups Remote Disable Feature you can enable/disable every single version with single click.


Full Featured

Our team is working to make a full featured Setup software and add innovative features every month. All kind of suggestions are welcome to make this product superior in its class. Our team does not want to copy existing products, we want to be innovative and act accordingly!


Once Registration Feature has been enabled, all your clients need to register themselves in order to install your product on their computer. Isnt it fantastic to tracking and marketting reasons? Most of developers lose track of their installations because clients try to hide as much information as possible from developers. MetaSetup has the right approach to solve all your problems.


Automatic Update Detection

MetaSetup offers DLL Interface for your Project and Applications. This Interfaces makes it possible to check for available update automatically. In case there is an update, user will be notified and is able to install it right from that dialog within seconds.