First Steps

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It is important to understand several basics inside MetaSetup to get started. We recommend to read this article carefully to kickstart with MetaSetup Software.

Project Type

Depending on your Project, you have to choose one of 3 available Project Types. These are Generic, Metatrader4 and Metatrader5. If you dont know anything about Metatrader, then your decission is clear, you will always target Generic as Project Type. If you know about Metatrader4 and your project is Metatrader project, then you can choose between two different versions. Generic simply covers all kind of Desktop applications.

Project Profile

Right after creating a project, edit Project Profile section. We recommend to input all fields but they are not mandatory at all. Only few profile information is mandatory. We recommend to fill at least highlighted fields:



Of course Files are hearth of any project. You tell to MetaSetup which files needs to be installed and also define target location of them. MetaSetup defines Alias folders as Target Folder. Here are most important ones:

{Application Folder} Target Folder on Computer where all Project files are stored. Default path is: %programsdir%\%directoryname%. Example: “c:\Program Files (x86)\SharedVar”. User who starts the installer can change target folder on target computer.
{Application Shortcut Folder} This is special folder which takes all Shortcuts. In old Windows Terms these are Program Folders where all shortcuts go into.
{Documents} My Documents folder of Target Computer
{WinDir} Windows folder of Target Computer. You can access Windows folder with %windir%
{Desktop} Desktop folder of Target Computer
{Temp} Temporary folder of Target Computer. You can access temp folder with %temp%
License Agreement

License Agreement is optional feature inside MetaSetup, you can either define one or leave it empty. There is also an Option to keep License but not build it insider installer. Inside Build->Settings you have the option to uncheck “Include License Agreement” to exclude License completely even thought if it is present. It is easy to Load & Save license agreement. Once license has been enabled everyone has to agree with your license in order to install your product.

Keep in mind

Always save your project upon changes, you cannot build an installer without saving the project. Never share your saved project file (which is has .ms extention) with third party, this file contains all your passwords related with your project.