Watch this 90 second video to understand MetaSetup properly.

Howto Videos

We have prepared instruction videos to get started with MetaSetup as fast as possible. We plan to extend our instruction library every month, keep visiting this page to see new feeds.

Follow this video to install MetaSetup to your computer. This demonstration is designed for developers who wants to use MetaSetup to create installation software for their developed software.

Demonstrates how to build an installer for basic Desktop Application. You can use this demonstration to get started with basics of MetaSetup.

Follow this video to build basic Metatrader4 installer. This demonstration was made with Metatrader4 Build >600. Same Video can be used to build Metatrader5 installers.

Cloud Feature will make your and your clients life easy. You will be able to install and update your clients better and faster. Your clients will have better experience with your product. You also save a lot of traffic transfered.

This video demonstrates how you can use MetaSetup with MQLLock Projects. MetaSetup has embedded MQLLock Import, Rename, Compile function. All done automatically!

Different video showing how to use metasetup with mqllock, this video also demonstrates how your clients can install your product to their computer:

Demonstrates how to use Remote Disable Feature