MetaSetup Library

What is it ?
Metasetup provides several useful functions for your software to be used by accessing a simple DLL file. We have concepted this DLL file very easy to use in order to make it possible to call it from everywhere. Library is a DLL file called Metasetup.dll and it will be deployed automatically along all your installations.
Where is it ?
Metainstaller installs Metasetup.dll file automatically by every installation inside {WinDir} shortcut. The library itself does nothing if it is not called from your software, it is passive any just occupies several KB of harddisk space.
How to use it ?
Metasetup.dll can be accessed from every programming language such as C++,C#,VB,VBA,MQL, NinjaTrader,Easylanguage, Basic etc. Almost every programming language offers access to DLL files. You will need to figure out how to access and call functions from DLL files in your language. We will provide you several examples too.
1444676669_free-32 All functions are offered in A and W forms. A is acronym for Ansi and W for Wide. The reason is that some languages support only Ansi (classic) and other support only Wide (or Unicode). You have to research which kind of DLL your development language requires. Some languages such as .NET support both conventions but languages like MQL only support Unicode (W version).
MetaSetup Library is a progressive development. We keep adding new functions. We would like to ask check this page regularly, also please submit us your Suggestions and needs, so we can implement them.

msCheckUpdate function is responsible to check available updates per Project. It accepts your PubKey as parameter and does not return a value. Once you add a PubKey it will check with server about a possible update. Important: This function will only work if you have Cloud Feature enabled for your project. msCheckUpdate functions can only work with Cloud Feature enabled projects.

First check will occour as soon you call the function first time within several seconds. Next check will occour depending on situation. If you dont have a valid Cloud Feature enabled for your Project, next check will occour within 24h. If you have a valid Cloud Feature next check will occour 6 hours after first check etc.. The timing may change during time depending on our implementation but the fact is that we for sure check every 24h for an update. Even if your project had not had a Cloud feature when first time msCheckUpdate was called, you can still purchase Cloud feature and your check update will start working.