MQLLock AutoUpdate Feature

MetaSetup can manage your AutoUpdate requirements for your MQLLock Project(s) fully automatic. MQLLock is ready to work with MetaSetup from version 2.4.119, you need to make sure to have minimum MQLLock Engine 2.4.119 in order to use this Feature.

MetaSetup is a FREE Product with some premium features such as Cloud Feature. Watch this quick-start video to understand cloud feature. For all MetaSetup clients they are using Cloud Premium Feature, AutoUpdate is free for their projects. In order to provide you AutoUpdate we need the ability to download files from cloud, this is the main reason why AutoUpdate is free but it requires a Premium Feature. Even if you offered this feature yourself, you would also have web hosting costs and also programming costs. We simply charge small monthly fee for cloud feature and offer you this functionality.
We have prepared demonstration video how Auto-Update works for MQLLock clients:
Get Started
First thing you should do is to watch this quick-start video, it is important that you install all your clients with cloud installer first time. Imagine you have the product SuperEA v1.0.0.0 and you have sent cloud-SuperEA-Setup.exe to all your clients and decided to upgrade to new version, then all you need to do is to open MetaSetup with SuperEA project, update Files section (if required), increase version to v1.1.0.0 (as example), Build it and Upload to Cloud. This will deploy your latest version to cloud, and everyone who starts cloud-SuperEA-Setup.exe will from then on download your new version. Now you will ask, “how can i notify all my clients to start cloud installer again?”, this is a valid question. We have made special interface to solve this problem. All you need to do is to import your mqllock project from metasetup using “mqllock import wizard”, and make sure that you add your project using that wizard. This wizard will enhance your mqllock project with auto update notification.

Step by Step Instructions

First Time Steps

  • Install MetaSetup as seen here, if you have not yet. Use download page to download it
  • Start MetaSetup and create a MT4 Project
  • Start “Import from MQLLock” Wizard from MetaTrader menu and follow the instructions inside Wizard, make sure to check “Add ‘…’ to current MetaSetup Project” at “Completed” page. This step will automatically add your mqllock project into metasetup
  • Edit Project Profile settings according your Profile
  • Customize installer look & feel under Customize section
  • Save MetaSetup Project
  • Open Features tab inside MetaSetup and click to “Cloud Feature” Trial 14 Days button in order to start 14 Days Trial. Later if you like this feature you should start a new subscription
  • Save Project again, Close Project, Open it again from MetaSetup.(This reloading is required to activate Cloud Feature)
  • Go to Build Section, click to “Build Installer(s)” button and choose an output name, lets name it as SuperEA-Setup.exe for example. Then click Build Installer(s) button again, it should build your regular Installer and Cloud installer as cloud-SuperEA-Setup.exe
  • Click to Upload to Cloud to upload your files to our cloud servers
  • Then give cloud-SuperEA-Setup.exe to your clients, this will be your main installer for your project. Whoever has this file will be able to download your fiels from cloud and install to 1..n metatrader terminals.

Update Steps

Lets Imagine you have updated your SuperEA to new version, you will need to submit new version to MQLLock and MQLLock will return you new Revision of your project

  • Start MetaSetup and load your previously saved project
  • Start MQLLock Import Wizard again and follow instructions, make sure to check “Add ‘….’ to current MetaSetup Project” option at the end
  • Save your project
  • Go to Build menu and click to “Build Installer(s)”
  • Click to “Upload to Cloud” to upload latest built version to our cloud servers
  • Done

Technical Explanation

You upload your files to our servers using MetaSetup and your clients download them from cloud using Cloud-Setup.exe file. MQLLock Import wizard enhances your mqllock project files with special update check feature. This update check feature makes it possible to connect our cloud servers and check for available update from mt4! All your clients will check for update every 6 hours (this may vary) and at start once. Once you upload new version to our cloud servers, your clients´ metatrader code will check for new update, it will find an update and display a notification about available update and give them the chance to update to new version. It is important that you change version before uploading to our cloud servers because update checker code can compare version only by version. It is also important that you increase version and not decrease. Degrading is not possible but upgrading. Technically MetaSetup can upgrade 100.0% all your clients within 6 hours from update. Of course this update feature gives them the option to upgrade, your clients may skip the update for another 6 hours, but update notification will keep popping up every 6 hours for them.

It is very important that your clients are installed through cloud installer, this cloud installer installs special dll file to computers to make sure to be able to check for update from our cloud servers