Howto use mqllock files inside MetaSetup

We have implemented a mqllock import wizard from version 1.3.10. This import wizard will appear only if you have a MT4 Project active. Start Import Wizard either From Metatrader menu or from File menu inside Files section. Wizard is able to download your mqllock project files, rename and compile for […]

Where can i find pubkey / subkey?

PubKey and SubKeys are kind of login & password for your project. Please read this to understand PubKey & SubKey first. Where to find them First of all you need to have a project, so load or create new project, then navigate to “Project Profile” tab and insinde “Credentials” section […]

Problems with showing Features menu

MetaSetup is using embedded WebBrowser technology to show “Features” menu. If you click to Features, we show you content from remote web server. We do this to keep Features and their description dynamic and flexible. This has some drawbacks: embedded browser is by default Internet Explorer or Microsofts Edge Browser […]

Metatrader Detection

MetaSetup MetaSetup has native support for MetaTrader developers. One of features is that if you have Metatrader4/5 as Project Type you will have a Metatrader menu enabled on top of your MetaSetup Application. If you dont see this menu, then your project type isnt MetaTrader. MetaSetup MetaTrader menu automatically detects […]

Custom Installer Banner

If you would like to place your custom installer banner, use Customize->Banner->Load Custom Banner button to Load Custom Banner. MetaSetup has embedded banners, you cannot edit and Custom Banners but you can edit your custom banner and load it into MetaSetup Required BannerSize is 160 x 380 pixel and can […]

All about Resource Manager

Resource Manager is made for you to observe Memory usage of MetaSetup itself. Memory Usage will be saved per minute and you can view the graph by clicking Help->Resource Manager You can reset the details by clicking Reset button. Memory usage will be recorded for last 5 hours from start, […]

Can i change Project Type?

Currently there is no way to change project type automatically. What you can do is to generate new project with new project type and transfer configuration 1 by 1. Advanced Users : you could edit the .ms file and edit “” field manually. This method might work from MT4/MT5 -> […]

Which operating systems does MetaSetup support?

MetaSetup is designed to support all operating systems maintained by Microsoft(r). Even though WinXP maintenance has expired, we still support this platform because there are plenty of demand behind it. Beside Windows MetaSetup also requires latest version of .NET Framework version 4.0 installed on client machine.

Tell me more about .sil files

.sil files contain anonymized debug logs generated by MetaSetup, MetaInstaller, Uninstaller or MetaLoader. Files will be generated in the same folder as .exe is run. Make sure your .exe has write permission into that folder, otherwise you may face an error as soon started with debug mode. .sil files are […]