How can i enable debug Mode?

You can choose to enable debug logs in order to search for bugs. Debug logs are enabled by MetaSetup automatically. For MetaSetup you need to enable debug logs with cli parameters. To enable debug logs start MetaInstaller with /debug switch. Lets assume your MetaInstaller name is setup.exe here is short demonstration how you can enable debugging:


As you see you open CLI (Dos Prompt) and call setup.exe /debug. This operation will enable debugging, our debug logs are stored in .sil log files which is special binary format. Files will be generated in same folder as the .exe has been started. Make sure your .exe has write permission in that directory.

You can use generated .sil file to report us bugs. .sil files are overwritten by every new start (so they dont append), this means: as soon you see the problem you stop and make a copy of the .sil and send us a ticket.

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