How can i get support?

We offer different channels for support. First of all our preferred and fastest way to get support is to create a ticket. In order to create a ticket you can either send an email from your email address to or use Help menu to create a ticket like seen here:


Attaching files

Although you can send attached files to, this is not preferred way because most of time your files might get tagged as virus or potential problematic content, this may cause that we never receive your files nor ticket. This is why you should use Help->Submit Ticket to create a ticket if you have attached files. We have prepared ready buttons to attach Project File (the .ms file) and also debug logfiles (anonym).

Sometimes you might not be able to have access to Submit Ticket menu (for example if MetaSetup crashes), in such cases use email address to send us details. We recommend you to .zip or .rar the files and encrypt them with password such as fx1 or metasetup, this way virus analysers wont be able to analyse your content. Some virus analysers also analyze by filename, this is why .rar is best way to make archives because you can also encrypt filenames with that format.

Final words

Please always be verbose while you create tickets, try to avoid any questions from our side, mention all details. Try to add screenshoots and/or your project file if it is a project related question. The more information you mention that fast your issue will be solved. Allow our team 12-24h to answer you first time.


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