Metatrader Detection


MetaSetup has native support for MetaTrader developers. One of features is that if you have Metatrader4/5 as Project Type you will have a Metatrader menu enabled on top of your MetaSetup Application.
If you dont see this menu, then your project type isnt MetaTrader.

MetaSetup MetaTrader menu automatically detects all your installed Terminals on local computer. This menu is able to find all Metatrader installations they have DataDir concept. Some people use /portable mode of MetaTrader to make their life easier. Since /portable installations do not have a central registrations to be detected, you need to add them manually to MetaSetup detection. Use MetaTrader -> Add New Terminal menu to show MetaSetup location of your Metatrader installation. Please make sure to show the directory of terminal.exe to MetaSetup, this way it will detect them easly. Once a new location has been shown to MetaSetup, it will be saved inside Registry to be used next time.


Of course MetaInstaller does also have automatic detection like described above. Same routines are used to detect terminals and you can also add New Terminal as client. If your clients (usually your clients use MetaInstaller) dont see their terminals in automatic detected list, they will need to “Add New Terminal” in order to get them detected. Please instruct them accordingly.


Advanced Users

Add New Terminal button inside MetaSetup or MetaInstaller require a folder with terminal.exe inside as File and MQL4 or MQL5 as Folder inside. If Add New Terminal does not detect a terminal, make sure to have terminal.exe and MQL4/5 folders inside. Usually these files/folders are always there. If not, this might indicate to wrong installation.

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